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There are really are no rules when it comes to picking your Destination Wedding Dress. It is your day, so you pick the one that YOU like.There are however, some considerations that should be a part of your decision process. If you are for instance, having your wedding during the hot months of  Los Cabos summer, you will most likely prefer a natural fabric, that breathes so that you remain comfortable yet chic. 

Think lightweight and airy.  A long train won’t work well with rough terrain. It will gather sand on the beach and quite possibly catch on rocks or others things around the area.For example a long train or veil will work well for a Church or for an inside ceremony, but not so well outside. You need to consider the wind, it may not be strong but still there,  and will take it and your professionally styled hair with it. If you want a long veil for the ceremony have a 2nd option to change too for after your photos are taken and perhaps something shorter or less heavyweight so that you can feel comfortably in. 

A large ballroom type gown may require some additional consideration while you travel. Airlines sometimes add charges for a large gown. I recommend taking it on the plane with you and asking the attendant to please hang it in the First Class cabin. (Even if you are not flying First Class, they will not turn down a bride to be’s requestJ)  There will always be some wrinkling as Bridal Gowns are not meant to live in bags!  No worries, we as your Destination Wedding Planners will have options available for you. In a pinch…turn the shower on hot, steam up the bathroom and hang your dress (out of the way of water!) for 15 to 20 minutes.

Also, remember that evenings cool down in Los Cabos, so you might want to bring a matching shawl for later in the evening. Please remember it is your day, so you choose what your personal style is. Just remember, you will be wearing it for at least 3 hours even with a change. So be comfortable and whatever you do……Make certain that you have a final fitting 2 weeks prior to ensure a perfect fit. You will feel better and look great!  We selected  some photo’s that offer a wide range of options so you can start thinking about which direction you will like to go. We hope you enjoy them!!!!