Who We Are

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Yarai Peregrino

I was born in Mexico City in 1983. In the summer of 1997 my family and I had the life changing opportunity to move to The Hague in The Netherlands, where I was privileged to experience a vibrant and exciting multicultural setting.

From a young age I found great enjoyment in being creative, learning about different cultures and organizing fun events for my family, friends and school. During my secondary education (IGCSE) at The International School of the Hague (ISH), I realized my great passion for event management. I collaborated and helped organize various fascinating multicultural events & celebrations. In the summer of 2000 my life took an exciting turn when I decided to pursue further education at the prestigious Mondriaan International Hotel & Management School in The Hague. In order to conclude my education, in 2003, I completed a 10-month Internship at Iberostar Tucan-Quetzal Hotel in Playa del Carmen (Mexico). This is where I had my first taste of Event & Wedding Planning and received my Diploma in International Hotel Management. This opened great doors of opportunity and allowed me to gain valuable administration and operational skills in the hotel industry.

After graduating, I continued with my studies in Adelaide, Australia, where I joined the International College of Hotel Management, and I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management in 2005. Subsequently, I gained further working experience in Melbourne (Australia), where I worked at the Medina Grand Melbourne Hotel until August of 2005.

In 2006 I decided to come back to my home country and experience what Mexico is all about. I had the privilege of working in this amazing event planning industry for the past 8 years. From the moment I arrived in Los Cabos, I worked at the prestigious One&Only Palmilla, where I received a three months internship at the Event Planning Department at the hotel. Soon after, I accepted the position of Event Planner at the Resort Dreams Los Cabos, where I handled more than 600 events.

Through my worldwide education and working experience I have been part of the many departments within the Hotel and Restaurant Industry. This has widened my perspective and knowledge of all the needs involved in running an event. With this, and my heart for creativity, I developed the sensitivity to appreciate the uniqueness of each person with whom I work. Considering the needs and requests of the couple according to their values, cultural background and sensitivity to life, is paramount to me when planning their events.

Jorge Arteaga

My name is Jorge Arteaga and I was born in Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas (Mexico) in November of 1982. I had the chance to live, since my early years, all over different states of my country and thanks to that, I experienced the richness, the similarities and even differences between the cultures throughout my beautiful Mexico.

Having this opportunity of being immerse in our Mexican traditions made me think about knowing more about other cultures different than mine. In 2000, this idea helped me decide to study a career in International Relations at Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara in Jalisco (Mexico). Later in 2003 I was part of the international club staff of my university and I was appointed as the club's official guide. Together with other classmates we were in charge of planning and organizing different activities for our exchange students from all over the world.

I graduated in the summer of 2005 and I decided that it was about time to make one of my biggest dreams come true: travel to London (England) for a whole year . This trip gave me the opportunity to visit and experience the ways of living, the traditions, the history of many European countries and the incredible chance to meet a lot of people coming from different places around the world.

I returned to Guadalajara in 2006 to continue with my education and I took a special course in Public Relations at Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO). Later, with the help of one of my dearest friends from college, I decided to move to Los Cabos. She was born and raised there.

Finally I came to Los Cabos in May of 2007 just to look and see how it was. I've been here since and ... I love it!. Los Cabos is such a magical place with everything you can possibly ask for. I got a job into the administrative side of the Real Estate business as a part of Prudential Cabo Gold Realty division work team. In 2011 I was hired as the Administrator of another Real Estate company, Sotheby's International Realty Los Cabos.

After having acquired experience and with all my ideas, I decided to put my efforts and knowledge into the Public Relations field. I was co-founder of PR Solutions, the only agency of this kind in town. Once here, I had the chance to work and get involved inside the organization of different social events like "Wine and Cheese Festival", "Rhythms, Colors and Flavors", "The Paella Festival", among others. At the same time, while working and taking part in these activities, I met Yarai Peregrino and realised we shared mutual ideas and the same passion and dedication on helping and guiding our clients, which reflected on the way she conducted and cared for each of her couples, their weddings and any other events she handled. She let me get involved with her job and without hesitation I fell for it. As a result, in September 2016 I finally did the full transition and embraced this project as my own. Having the opportunity to help others to enjoy Los Cabos the way we do on a daily basis and creating memorable experiences for them has been one of the most gratifying things I have ever done.

As we always say to our clients: " We love what we do because it doesn't feel like work at all. Is what we like to call, perks of working in paradise".